Those puppies for sale along the side of the road are so cute and irresistible, but selling them is illegal in the city limits.

Missoula Animal Control Supervisor Ed Franceschina said "many of these people bring their puppies into the city from out of town, and since most weekend puppy transactions are impulse buys, many of the litters are not checked out by a veterinarian."

Franceschina added, "the puppies can get sick, and end up at the animal shelter, or worse, abandoned or dumped. Many times the animals are poorly bred and have behavior problems, and when the new owner regrets the sale, the animal can suffer."

The ordinance prohibiting animal sales brings a fine of up to $50 for the first offense, and for the 4th offense, can result in a fine of up to $300.

Franceschina asks anyone with information about illegal puppy sales to call Missoula Animal Control at 541-7387. At least one officer is on duty from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Animal Control Supervisor Ed Franceschina