Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich spoke today at the Montana Republican convention. Most of the speech dealt with the wide-angle view of politics which wandered from the state of the economy, to the process of innovation (Government backed Smithsonian vs. Wright Brothers intuition was one of his examples), to the importance of an election he says is probably the "most important since the election of 1860." Gingrich made an attempt at linking himself to Montana by mentioning that he used to have a T-Rex skull in his office while he was Speaker of the House to remind himself and his guests to reflect on the importance of things, the skull was reportedly from Montana paleontologist John R. Horner. The speech mentioned Romney and Obama of course, but although the Republican Presidential nominee was mentioned a few times during the speech, the most mentioned politician throughout Newt's speech was Senator Jon Tester. Gingrich challenged the crowd to publicly ask "do you honestly believe that Barack Obama is better for Montana?"

Part of the second half of Newt's speech containing a discorse on Jon Tester and Barack Obama: