The holiday season brings more than just snow and presents, it also brings a spike in the number of drunk driving incidents. For this reason, the Missoula Police department, the Missoula County Sheriff's office, and the Montana Highway Patrol have teamed up for a series of new billboards that showcase the fact that Missoula will be heavily patrolled during the holiday season.

"It seems like every year we get a call on the radio about a someone driving their car the wrong way on the highway," explains Jason Johnson, Public Information Officer for the Missoula County Sheriff's office, "inevitably, that's someone is headed to or from a Christmas party. It's a sad time of the year for many people. I say that, because so many people have to deal with the fact they lost loved ones or family because of a drunk driving incident during the holidays."

The billboards won't be the only thing the public will be seeing over the holidays, thanks to funds from Missoula's DUI task force, more officers will be paroling the streets to detect those driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Of course, there's no need to wind up face-to-face with the law over the holidays. Hopefully, Missoulians will remember to plan before they party and arrange to have a sober ride home.

Photo courtesy of Jason Johnson