The Missoula County Attorney’s office was exceptionally busy this past week, June 19, in fact it may have set a county record with 24 cases in just seven days.

"The number of cases is really on the high end," Pabst said. "Three of those were partner/family member assault cases, there was a felony DUI case, and aggravated animal cruelty case, and we had five fugitives from justice, which is a really high number. Normally we just have one or two."

There was also a spike in burglary cases.

"There were four burglaries, which is a really high number, we had a sexual intercourse without consent case, a failure to register as a violent or sexual offender charge, and a case involving unauthorized burning," Pabst said.

Not all of the cases handled last week involved a suspect in custody or even felony charges, but many feel the heavy traffic at the county attorney’s office seems to indicate an uptick in Missoula crime