The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced  today that as of the end of October, more seniors and people with disabilities on Medicare have seen significantly lower costs for important health care – through both discounts on brand-name drugs in the Medicare Part D "donut hole" coverage gap and free preventive care. CMS spokesman Mike Fierberg says  more than 6 thousand people in Montana have saved money on their prescriptions so far this year. (That interview is attached below)


Fierberg says  thanks to the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans are receiving free preventive services and getting cheaper prescription drugs.

Data show that 2.65 million people with Medicare have saved more than $1.5 billion on their prescriptions – averaging about $569 per person.  In Montana, 7,445 people with Medicare have saved $4,425,183 – averaging about $594 per person.

He adds an important reminder  that the open enrollment period ends tomorrow and  People with Medicare should review their current plans before midnight December 7, so they can make sure that the plan they will have in 2012 is the best one for their health care needs.