The Montana Department of Justice will kick-off a new public service announcement campaign this week, October 25, in hopes of stopping prescription drug abuse.

"We thought that this week would be a good week for a kick-off in conjunction with national red-ribbon week,." said DOJ Public Information Officer Anastasia Burton. "National Red Ribbon week gets people especially young adults in tune with the dangers of misusing prescription drugs as well as educating them on the dangers of using illegal drugs."

The campaign is called "Resolve" and some of the funds for this campaign have already been put to use to install new pharmaceutical drug drop boxes.

"Drop boxes in pharmacies, which is something new for Montana, were made available through grants that are made possible by our "Resolve campaign, we were very happy to award thirteen pharmacies in Montana last month with the grant money so they can go ahead and purchase those drop boxes for their location."

The Montana DOJ has also partnered with the Montanan Medical Association on a sister-campaign called "Know Your Dose" which is designed to help physicians and patients avoid and identify the sings of prescription drug addiction.