Montana responders have already started to return from clean-up work done in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Public information officer with the western Montana incident response team, Pat Mckelvey says the teams did a great job dealing with a variety of governmental agencies and working with hardwoods (oak) that are rarely encountered in the west.

10 saw teams from the Rocky Mountain region were sent to help cut fallen and damaged trees to clear vital roadways. The arrival of a second storm, the northeaster known as Athena, kept crews in place even longer than expected.

Saw teams began arriving back in the Rocky mountain region on Monday, and the management team is scheduled to fly out of Philadelphia on Thursday after closing procedures are carried out.

Mckelvey says the teams cleared off over 720 miles of road in just the last two weeks. Perhaps even more impressive, is the fact that not one of the over 200 crew or management members suffered any injury during the mission.