Montana gas prices continue dropping with no sign of stopping during the second week of February.

"I'm starting to sound like a broken record here, but its been another week of decreases in gas prices for Montana," said petroleum analyst Will Spear. "Prices fell about four cents in a week, so now the average prices is about $1.78 in Montana, the national average sits at about $1.73 right now."

Spring usually sees a spike in gas prices, but that spike may not happen this year.

"The oversupply will probably dampen the effect," Spear said. "Typically, in the transition to summer gasoline, you'll see a spike in gas prices, but with the healthy inventories we've seen, the spike won't be as much as we've seen in previous years."

As with any market, an over-supply typically leads to a decrease in prices. Right now, gasoline inventories are at their highest recorded levels ever, going back to 1990, when inventory records began.