Montana is getting new driver’s licenses and Missoula is the first region to receive the new cards. The licenses were released at the Missoula Department of Motor Vehicles office on December 1 and Motor Vehicle Division Administrator Sarah Garcia says the cards look fantastic.

"You are going to see a new background on the card that is graphically represented from a photo that a Montana State photographer took from Lake MacDonald at Glacier National Park," Garcia said. "Along with that you are going to see a lot of other Montana touches like the Bitterroot flower, and horses on the back of the card."

There is one iconic Montana symbol that will no longer be on the driver’s license. Garcia, says adding the Grizzly bear hologram back on was just too contentious.

"The grizzly bear, of course, was one of great debate, on whether we should use a grizzly bear or a bobcat," Garcia said. "Rather than get into that discussion we've decided to use the meadow lark, our state bird, and some ponderosa pine trees."

Garcia says the word Montana is also a hologram and that the new laminate is much more durable. Furthermore, there are some added safety features to the cards. The next region to receive the new cards will be Great Falls, starting December 15.