The Missoula County Clerk and Treasurer's Office will conduct a mobile home sale on Wednesday, April 13 at 9 a.m. at the Missoula County Administration Building. Clerk and Treasurer Tyler Gernant explained why the sale is taking place.

“We have a mobile home sale coming up where the mobile homes that haven’t had their taxes paid for the last year will go up for auction,” said Gernant. “Our goal is to really try and get those out of the auction so that people are able to maintain their homes. Ultimately, our job is to collect the taxes and this is the statutory process that we go through to make sure those taxes are collected.”

Gernant says there are a few hundred homes up for action right now, but he expects that number to go down during the days leading up to the sale.

“Right now it is at 200 and it goes down by somewhere around seven to ten per day,” Gernant said. “We are hoping there will be a nice rush that usually happens right before the sale to try and get as many as we can off the auction block. Typically, we have somewhere between 40 and 70 that actually go to auction.”

Mobile home owners have until 5 p.m. the day prior to the sale to pay any delinquent taxes, penalty interests and costs to remove them from the sale.