This community is so great and I know once again you will step up and help. Dogs are some of the greatest creatures, they give love, trust and so much joy. This Missoula dog needed help, and now needs just a bit more. 

One of our great listeners told us about Maybe:

a 4.5 year old Labrador Retriever. Maybe was brought into a veterinary clinic in Missoula, MT on 2/19/16 after being hit by a car. Her owner was found and ended up reliquishing her to a local shelter due to money constraints. The shelter deemed her leg to be too expensive to fix so she was set to be euthenized. Two veterinary technicians from the vet clinic stepped in to save her and cover the costs of her surgery and rehabilitation. They are seeking donations to help give this very sweet, loving girl a second chance at a long healthy life. Please chip in to help save this adorable, loveable lab who despite the obvious pain will roll over on her back without a second thought. Anything you can spare will help her start a new life!

I know there are a lot of great things to give your money to, but these folks did the right thing and hopefully you can help them out. Maybe is being treated at a local veterinary clinic. You can donate or find out more at Pruyn Vet Hospital by calling in or click the button below.  I think most of us would do the same thing even though with the cost being expensive, so thankfully these great people saved this beautiful dog. Anything will help like they said. She still has a ways to recover.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Lynn Lewis




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