The Missoula Police Department issued the following press release late Wednesday..

City of Missoula Police Department

On Friday, February 17, 2012, the Missoula Police Department
received an email from the University of Montana with an attached, “Timely
Notification Bulletin”. The memo described two possible sexual assaults which
had occurred on or near the University of Montana Campus on February 10,
2012.  Since that time we have received
information from the University of Montana Police Department about one incident
involving a male who unlawfully provided alcoholic beverages to a female. The Missoula Police Department’s efforts to investigate the second allegation of sexual assault have resulted with the victim identifying herself to detectives late in the day on February 21, 2012.  An interview with the victim occurred at that time. At this time the investigation is ongoing within the detective division of the Missoula Police Department. Anyone with information regarding these events are asked to
contact Detective Dean Chrestenson at 406.552.6705 or Crimestoppers at 406.721.4444.