Missoula Police responded to a disturbance call at 3 a.m. this morning at the 2400 block of McDonald Ave. Public Information Officer Travis Welch explained what exactly happened.


“When they arrived they learned that a 24 year old male had assaulted another male after the other male had attempted to intervene in the disturbance,” said Welsh. “Arrested was 24 year old Sean Jenkins. The report indicates that he put the victim in a choke hold during the disturbance, threw something at him, and told him he was going to kill him.”


Welsh stated that there is no information on why the fight even took place.


“There were multiple people fighting, but the information I have doesn’t exactly say what the cause of it was,” Welsh said. “Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that we respond to these things all hours of the day and night.”


Sean Jenkins is being charged with felony assault and is scheduled to appear in court this afternoon.