As my listeners know, I've been on vacation. While I was out of town relaxing with my kids (that's Isaiah in the photo above, chilling by the pool), some pretty weird stuff happened that remains unsolved. I'm hoping someone out there may be able to figure out what happend. Here's what I know so far...

The setup:

Monday - Tuesday, July 14 and 15, my home and car were locked and the lights were out. We know this because (A.) both my wife and I double checked and (B.) my sister and her boyfriend came by the house to feed our rabbit, water our plants and make sure everything was ok. My sister came late on Tuesday night and saw no lights on.

The mystery:

On Wednesday, July 16, when my sister was pulling up to my home to check-in on the place, she noticed that my car lights were on. She also noticed a light on inside the home. She called us and told us what was going on and, needless to say, we all freaked out and told her to stay in the car and call the police. When the police came they checked the car doors, which were all locked, they also entered the home and found that nothing appeared to be tampered with: a cash box was untouched, our computers and television were still in place. The "lights" that were on turned out to be a child's nightlight that very well could have gone unnoticed the day before. But the car lights were still on, and even the police couldn't figure that one out...

The mystery remains:

So how did the car lights get turned on? Both of the keys to the vehicle were in Idaho with us. If the lights had been left on since we left, the battery would have run out by Monday afternoon, even if my sister had somehow failed to notice them being on when she came on Tuesday. The car has no alarm connected to the lights so it is unlikely that the lights turned on when something bumped the car (which I have seen happen before). If it helps solve the mystery, the car is a 2004 Hyundai Elantra which is filled with babyseats and not very attractive compared to other vehicles on the street.

Possible solutions:

Here are my theories, none of which are all that satisfying, rated from most to least likely:

A: someone tried to steal my car, started to hotwire it, and then fled when they saw my sister's vehicle approaching the home.

B: lightning hit my vehicle and managed to turn the lights on somehow.

C: The battery itself malfunctioned and managed to turn on the lights.

D: Someone with a key fob of a simmilar make or model to mine accidently turned on my car.

E: Magic