The Missoula County Sheriff's Department is looking for clues to help solve the case of a daytime robbery that occurred on April 13th. 2013.

The case involves a white male in his twenties and two females near the same age that are suspected of breaking and entering.

"They went to this home located out on Glacier Lilly Court, which is out by the Wye," explained Sheriff's Department spokesman Jason Johnson. "They knocked on the door - we believe to see if anyone was home - and when the homeowner, who in fact was home, didn't answer the door, they entered the home through the garage, and then they forced their way into the home."

The thieves heard the homeowner leave and managed to escape before authorities could arrive. The homeowner and a neighbor were not able to see license plates, but did manage to get a description of the vehicles believed to be involved.

The vehicle driven by the two women is suspected to be an older green over tan Ford Explorer (pictured above). The second vehicle, driven by a male is an older, smaller (80’s) Ford or Toyota standard cab truck that was described as black or dark colored and “beat up.”

The only information on the three suspects is as follows:

Suspect #1

  • White male adult in late 20's
  • Light complexion with a stocky build
  • Short sandy brown hair
  • Jeans – Hoodie – ball cap

Suspect #2

  • White female adult in mid 20's
  • Short and thin with light completion
  • Long dark brown hair that was pulled back
  • Black running pants strip down the side

Suspect #3

  • White adult female
  • Dirty blond shoulder length hair with blond streaks
  • Blue short sleeve t-shirt

Any information about this case can be sent to Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 721-4444.

Jason Johnson