Based on the high water levels and the possibility that it could continue to rise in the coming hours, County Officials suggest that residents in significantly affected areas secure alternate housing accommodations. The longer citizens wait, the greater the possibility of increasing hazards and more dangerous conditions for them and emergency responders. The High Water Public Information Line (258-4636) can provide residents with guidelines to follow when evacuating their homes.

Currently, the Clark Fork River is expected to level off tomorrow. The river is projected to crest at 12.6 feet within 24 to 36 hours. The Bitterroot River is cresting currently. Both rivers will remain running very high for the foreseeable future.

Public Works staff continue to work with residents on Tower, 3rd, and Reserve Streets in providing sand bags. Supervisors and Sheriff’s Deputies remain on call 24 hours a day to visit affected areas and identify areas that need additional assistance.

Citizens interested in volunteering to fill sandbags and help residents should contact the service organizations or churches with which they currently volunteer. The United Way is asking those service groups to appoint a single point of contact and notify the United Way of established groups ready to help.