Michele Bachmann is quoting Montana Senior Senator Max Baucus in a campaign ad already running in Minnesota.

The Bachmann ad focuses on the Affordable Care Act and Bachmann's own efforts to repeal it. Though uncredited, Baucus makes his way into the ad when Bachmann makes reference to the now infamous "train-wreck" comment by Baucus on the topic of the Affordable Care Act when he was speaking with Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius (see video below).

The Bachmann ad is gaining interest because of its early release. Members of the House of Representatives don't usually start advertising more than a year before an election. Senate positions are used to long campaigns, however. For example, Baucus ran radio ads in 2012, even though his seat wasn't up for the taking until 2014.

Some say the Bachmann ads are a push for a future presidential campaign, or a sign of weakness, or, more commonly, an indication that there is just too much money involved in politics these days. Whatever the takeaway, it's clear that Baucus' "train-wreck" statement will become part of the national dialogue in the upcoming election.