The Missoula County Sheriff’s Office only reported three DUIs over the Memorial day weekend, but that doesn’t mean things weren’t busy. Public information officer Paige Pavalone said there are two unsolved burglaries that occurred over the holiday, including one at a cement plant on Desmet Road.

"It sounds like one of the employees went in and found that one of the silos had been broken into, they thought that it might have been an old disgruntled employee that stole some items there" Pavalone said. "[In Clinton] There was also another business warehouse that was broken into with a gun that was stolen, as well as drawers that had been rifled through..."

Pavalone says there was a sharp uptick in the amount of criminal mischief as well.

"Down in Lolo over the weekend there were cars being broken into, cars being egged, there were reports of political signs being stolen out of yards. We had some incidents in Target Range where a vehicle was broken into and a purse and wallet were stolen, so, pretty much across the board, we had a big spectrum of different crimes being committed over the weekend, it definitely kept our staff really busy.

Anyone with information about these or other crimes in the Missoula area are advised to call Crimestoppers at 721-4444