One man is behind bars after he led police on a high-speed chase through Missoula County, Friday.

NBC Montana said the chase started at a gas station on the 3400 block of Mullan Road just after 7 a.m.

Police said the 2004 Dodge truck owner was in the store, when 26-year-old Ian Giddings of Missoula hopped into his parked vehicle, with keys inside, and drove off.

Police and sheriff's deputies chased him across town, until the truck overturned on Dusty Lane and began to leak oil.

The incident shook residents on the usually quiet dirt road. Naomi Klutte was just leaving for work to Bob Wards, Jackie Vanoory was reading a book and Meghan Limb was about to take her kids to school when it happened.

"About 7:30 this morning we saw the diesel truck just doing about 80 (mph) down this road and then we heard the sirens," said Limb.

The truck ripped through the Klutte's frosted front lawn and left fresh, dirt tread marks.

"I heard the truck really loud, and so I ran out and looked out the window and I just saw the truck come flying out of our field with the police behind it," Klutte recalled.

Vanoory said she was sitting and reading in the front of her house when she saw the truck tear down the road, followed by police. She was shocked to see it happen on their "tranquil lane."

Seconds later, all three heard a loud crash.

"We thought it was just something on T.V. until we looked out the window and saw what was going on. It was crazy," Limb added.

They all said they couldn't believe it.

"We saw him come down here and just lost control and flipped," said Limb. She said that on icy mornings like Friday, the corner the driver crashed on is an area of concern.

"Oh it's a bad corner, horrible. In the winter it's usually just like a sheet of ice, so him coming around here, it was crazy seeing him drive that fast." Limb added.
Witnesses said police surrounded the vehicle.

"They had guns on this guy out here and I just thought, kids get down," Vanoory added.

Limb said after a few minutes the suspect climbed out of the car. He was then arrested and taken to jail.

The truck sat lopsided in a ditch for some time while fireman monitored the oil leak. At one point, the truck started to emit smoke.

"I just called my boss and said there's a little bit of excitement out here. We had a police chase on our road so I 'm going to be late to work, sorry!" Klutte added.

They all said the experience was pretty exciting and are thankful it was nothing more.
Police also said Giddings picked up two females during the pursuit, whom he later dropped off near Pulp Mill Road. The women were detained almost immediately.

Lucille Hernandez was arrested for an outstanding felony warrant. The other woman was arrested then later released.

Police said they don't know if drugs or alcohol were factors. Giddings was booked into jail for felony theft of a motor vehicle.