It's almost Valentine's Day, and if you're looking for ways to win the love of your sweetheart don't do what Obama did. Here's three examples of the Obama puppy love that quickly ran away.



1. Hordes of Fainting Fans

Exhibit A: Right before he broke the nation's heart, Obama was greeted at nearly every speech by a fainting fan. He often stopped his speech and asked the crowd to help out the fallen. It could have been true love, too much sun, or leg-lock (some think that the fainters were planted in the crowd, you can decide), but something was causing these people to literally fall head over heels for Obama.

Exhibit B: . . . OK, I got nothing. I can't remember the last speech that Obama had to pause to help out a fallen fan. Either people aren't falling, or Obama isn't helping them. Either way, things don't look good for the relationship.


2. Obama Girl

Exhibit A: Before the election in 2008, Amber Lee Ettinger became an Internet sensation with her YouTube hit "I Got a Crush on . . . Obama." (Warning to conservatives, if you watch the video you may find yourself singing along.)

Exhibit B: Now Ettinger tells the Huffington Post that she's undecided on weather she'll vote for Obama in 2012. In 2010 she was even more explicit when talking with the New York Post saying that "the thrill is gone." I found it interesting that Ettinger pointed out too many government jobs vs. private sector jobs as a main reason for her falling out of love . . . didn't see that coming.


3. Chris Mathews

Exhibit A: Perhaps the best soundbite ever created for those who think the media was in love with Obama, here's Chris Mathews original "thrill up my leg" moment.

Exhibit B: If you thought Mathews and Obama were in love, this is the "You learn to do the dishes or else!" speech. No joke, Mathews even says Obama "never calls" in the interview.

If you can think of other great examples I'd love to hear them. Post away and have a great week.