The International Space Station will hover over Missoula next Tuesday morning, giving Missoula students the chance to ask questions of the astronauts on board.

The event was arranged in part by Kay Ebelt, a fifth grade teacher at Target Range School who submitted a request to NASA and the National Association for Amateur Radio for the opportunity. Ebelt says 132 grade school students submitted essays with the questions they would like to ask, but because the time frame will only be ten minutes long only a few were able to make the cut.

The event will take place at Target Range School between 9:14 and 9:24 on Tuesday morning.

According to Ebelt, a lot of thanks needs to go to the The Hellgate Amateur Radio Club, which did a lot of the behind-the-scenes work to coordinate the radio systems with   NASA.

The Missoula YMCA is helping put it all together. Ebelt says if the sky is clear, the space station should be visible to all.