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A new report by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) indicates that, David Keck, the executive officer of GT Advanced Technologies Inc.will be leaving Missoula to perform his services at GT Advanced Technologies Limited's offices in Hong Kong.

The SEC report indicates that the change of location began on January 1st and will continue through the end of 2015.

Keck will continue receiving his salary of $375,000 per year and will continue to "participate in the Corporation's bonus plan for executive officers."

GT Solar provides the solar power industry with poly-silicon, cells, and other components. In June of 2011 GT Solar shares traded at $16.20 and are now trading at $3.44.

The news of Keck's move comes after reported layoffs from GT Solar in October.

Director of Marketing and Communications for GT Advanced Technologies Jeff Nestel-Patt says that although there have been lay-offs at the Missoula location recently, Keck's move is not an indication that GT Solar will withdraw from the city.

"As far as Missoula's concerned," Nestel-Patt explains,"there will be no impact to the buisness. the polysilicon work that Dave's team is doing there in Missoula office will continue as is and will continue to contribute in a real significant way to our company."

Full interview with Jeff Nestel-Patt:

The relocation will bring Keck closer to the Asian market where most of GT Solar's Product is put to use.