A recent visitor to Yellowstone National Park left an unusual complaint for the staff upon their departure. Is this real life?

Ok, I can understand being disappointed that you spent a lot of money on your vacation and did not see any bears. That is just bad luck. But, I cannot wrap my head around the expectation of the bears being trained to be where visitors can regularly see them. I don't think this person understands nature, or the fact that Yellowstone is NOT a zoo. It is probably a good thing that this person did not encounter any bears. Assuming that they are (or were) under the assumption that these bears were in fact trained, they probably would have gotten too close to them and something bad could have happened. SMH.

Amber Brady, an employee at Yellowstone National Park, posted this to her Facebook page with the caption "SOMEONE IN REAL LIFE LEFT THIS COMPLAINT. I'm dying."

We're dying too Amber.

Yellowstone National Park is not a Zoo

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