Just after 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, a male came into the Missoula Police Station and reported that he had just been stabbed by an unknown male. The victim was stabbed seven times and had blood on his hands, arms and shoulders. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“EMS was contacted immediately,” Welsh said. “They responded to the station, began treatment, and subsequently transported the victim to the hospital. The victim provided a description of his assailant. He said the suspect was a Hispanic male who was wearing black watch cap and something red.”

According to Welsh, the victim said the male attacked him in his room at a local motel in the 300 block of East Broadway. Officers quickly responded and they observed blood outside the room as well as a pool of blood on the bed within the room. Shortly thereafter, an officer left to attempt to locate additional blood or the possible weapon used.

“A short time after that, an officer encountered a male in the alley adjacent to the motel. The officer made observations of the male and was able to physically connect him to the disturbance. That male was brought to the station. He was interviewed by detectives and was eventually taken to jail. He was identified as 30-year-old Keenan Doney.”

According to charging documents, detectives went to the motel to review surveillance video. Doney denied being at the motel on the morning of the 25th, however when a detective showed Doney the surveillance of him from the motel, Doney admitted to meeting with the victim.

Doney stated he had traveled to Missoula within the last few days to visit family and that he was on probation in Yellowstone County and had left without his probation officer’s permission.

Doney is currently being charged with attempted deliberate homicide and tampering with evidence.

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