The fate of the female bear and her cubs has been released after the report that the female grizzly killed a man in Yellowstone National Park.

"We determined that he was definitely killed by the female grizzly bear that we had captured and that she and her cubs had been the ones feeding on his body,"Yellowstone National Park Spokeswoman Julena Campbell said. "The DNA evidence linked them to that. After considering a couple different options, none of them really very viable, we did decide to euthanize the adult female and we have been working with a couple different agencies to place the cubs."

The cubs are being relocated to the Toledo Zoo in Ohio, and Campbell says they are aware of the situation.

"They know the full circumstances of how the cubs came to be orphaned if you will, and so they will use part of that story in their educational messages about them," Campbell said.

Campbell says that it was a very unfortunate event, but at least the cubs are able to live and hopefully teach others about bear safety.