This week we've heard from faculty and students at Willard Alternative High School.  Today we get a different perspective...that of a student teacher.

Why would someone choose an alternative high school for their candidate teaching experience?  What was it like?  How will it effect future choices and professional assignments?  We hear this, and more, from UM graduate student Jessica Stemler... 

Alternative approaches seem t

o be making a difference at Willard...a difference in the lives of administrators, teachers, students, and even student teachers.  The National Education Association asked for feedback on alternative education programs.  In answer to: "What's your experience with alternative schools? Do you think they help kids stay in school and graduate?" respondents said, in a nutshell:

If it helps one kid, it's worth it

We need to better fund these schools

We need to give them equal status to the regular schools

Some kids need a smaller group setting

It doesn't work for all kids

You can read the actual comments here.