We've heard from Willard's principal and a teacher.  What's it like to be a student at Willard?  Today we learn the answer to that question.

Michael Achenbach is a Junior at Willard Alternative High School.  He's a typical Willard student: complicating factors largely beyond his control impede his ability to succeed in a traditional high school environment.  Things didn't work out so well somewhere else...they're working out just fine at Willard. 

Willard doesn't have organized sports teams, a marching band, or a lot of the club activities that build school spirit.  What Willard does have is a sense of purpose, a loyalty and pride in being part of a program that works for young people.  And, it has a mascot: the crow.  An apt choice!  Curious and adaptable, crows are considered among the world's most intelligent animals.  Go Crows!

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