It takes a special kind of teacher to work in the alternative environment.  It's still teaching, but on many days it is much more.  Steve Mutchler is an instructor at Willard.  He says his other roles include mentor, coach, and even social worker.

Importantly, Steve models behaviors that his students may not have seen o

r may not have seen so much.  Listen to his interview...

Project-Based Learning is one of the techniques implemented at Willard.  It's an active and engaged learning experience.  But it also has what Steve calls a "pour-out."  That's where students get to present what they learned, what they learned about learning, and what still needs to be learned.  It's a way to pass them baton of one project on to another group of students who will pick it up and take it farther.  You can view a short video  introducing PBL here.  For more of an oveview, see this video.