Willard Alternative High School fills an important void in Missoula Public Schools...a high school education for those who haven't achieved success in the more traditional environments.  Does Willard work?  Graduating nearly 700 students in a little more than a decade would suggests the answer is a resounding "YES."

Jane Bennett is principal at Willard Alt

ernative High School.  She embodies the school motto: "Work with kids where they are and get them where they need to be." Jane says Willard students have complicating factors in their life, but they want to succeed.  

Everyone at Willard is dedicated to the success of the alternative program.  While I was on campus to conduct the interviews for this week's shows, something critical came up that required two of my intended guests to leave to solve a crisis.  They have their priorities right!  Principal Bennett provided suitable replacements for me...both the school and the show could go on.  I got the sense that's the Willard way.  Things come up...people deal with it.  Check their website here.