It seems that people either love the snow or hate the snow. I am a snow lover, which is kind of weird because I don’t do any outdoor sports at all that involve snow or even ice. So then why do I like snow so much? I’ll tell you why.

  • Sledding

    You don’t have to be super coordinated and you don’t have to have years of practice and lessons to be good at sledding. All you need is a kid-like sense of adventure, snow, a sled and a hill, and you have everything you need for fun in the snow.

    Photo courtesy of hubertk/flickr
  • Snowball fights

    It is a lot of work making snowball after snowball, but it is definitely worth it when you spot your victim. My personal favorite is to ambush my kids when they get off the bus.

    Photo courtesy of cproppe/flickr
  • Snowmen

    My kids love to make snowmen. They are always amazed at how a tiny snowball can turn into a giant one with a little hard work. The best part is decorating the snowmen. If we have enough snow and patience, we like to make an entire snow family.

    Photo courtesy of MGShelton/flickr
  • Snow cones

    If you haven’t tried a snow cone made with fresh snow, well then you haven’t had a little piece of heaven on Earth. Shaved ice doesn’t compare with fresh snow. I am a snow eater. I love to eat it when it is fresh, and adding a little juice makes it even better.

    Photo courtesy of vistic/flickr