If you run a restaurant, you might want to be especially nice to your younger customers — new research shows Millennials dine out more than any other age group.

A report from Restaurants & Institutes says Millennials — generally people between 20 and 35 — buy food from restaurants more than three times a week, at least once a week more often than older Americans.

Oddly, though, about a third of Millennials report only patronizing restaurants on special occasions, but the issue seems to be one of semantics. Seems they don’t really consider fast-food “dining out,” instead defining the experience as a sit-down meal in a nice restaurant.

So why do they eat so many meals away from home? Mainly for the social aspects — it’s the most common way they spend time with their friends. They’re also young enough that many haven’t started families yet, so they don’t have to be concerned about paying the tab for anyone but themselves.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t save money where they can. More than 40 percent report being influenced by coupons and discounts when choosing where to eat, and nearly 60 percent of Millennials say they often share entrees and split the cost with friends.

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