Fancy yourself as the Fast Food King or Queen of Montana? Right now you can acquire a bunch of fast food BUILDINGS across the state as they're for sale at the same time.

Keep in mind, most fast food joints lease the space from a landlord. We're talking about here, is the real estate for sale...not the franchise itself. That's a very important distinction.

Options abound for those who are looking to buy commercial real estate or an established business in Montana. There are some decades old, well-loved places that are on the market right now...not just the fast food real estate listed below.

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So where are these locations that are for sale in Montana? And how much does it cost to buy one? Here are the details on some of the locations we found, according to

HELENA: Burger King - Helena MT (2820 Prospect Avenue): 3,727 SF 4-Star Retail Building, PRICE: $4,194,180

HELENA: Burger King - Helena MT (3130 N Sanders Street): 2,860 SF Retail Building, PRICE: $4,018,000

GREAT FALLS: Burger King - Great Falls, MT (315 Northwest Bypass): 3,744 SF Retail Building, PRICE: $3,816,959

Burger King
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GREAT FALLS: Closed Hardees location - Great Falls, MT (101 1st Avenue North): 4,300 SF Retail Building, PRICE: $1,800,000

BUTTE: Burger King - Butte, MT (1955 Dewey Boulevard): 3,531 SF 4-Star Retail Building, PRICE: $3,501,501

BUTTE: Taco John's - Butte, MT (1960 Harrison Avenue): 3,356 SF Retail Building, PRICE: $649,900

DILLON: Closed Taco Johns location - Dillon, MT (205 S Atlantic Street): 1,880 SF Retail Building, PRICE: $319,000

It's a very interesting time in commercial real estate. We not only found all these fast food properties, but tons of lodges, restaurants, hotels, motels and iconic Montana businesses that are currently for sale.

Heck, you can even buy a huge, old school house if you want...but we'll address that property in another article :-)

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