Last night, I had the chance to catch parts of three different local high school basketball games.

The Sentinel boys defeated Flathead 62-40, the Big Sky girls also took care of Flathead 52-38, and the Loyola girls knocked off Superior 60-14.

As I rotated from game to game, I thought to myself, "There sure are some great ball players in Missoula this year."

Which led me to do some number-crunching today as I attempted to find the Top Ten players in Missoula with the highest scoring average per game.

The list covers both genders (male and female) and both classifications of play (AA and B).

So, without further ado:

  1. Everett Johnston - LOYOLA, 25. 7 PPG
  2. Riley King - SENTINEL, 16.3 PPG
  3. Josh Janssen - LOYOLA, 14.3 PPG
  4. Matthew Bohlken - VALLEY CHRISTIAN, 13.9 PPG
  5. Alex Anderson* - LOYOLA, 12.3 PPG
  6. Charisa Ireland* - VALLEY CHRISTIAN, 12.0 PPG
  7. Ashley Medeiros* - LOYOLA, 11.8 PPG
  8. Elle Tinkle* - BIG SKY, 11.7 PPG
  9. Christopher Wiley - VALLEY CHRISTIAN, 11.5 PPG
  10. Connor Woodill - HELLGATE, 11.0 PPG

*Female Athlete