Although there was a smattering of high school spring sports on display last weekend, the competition really ratchets up this week.

In Missoula, each high school offers the chance to be exciting in at least one of the four spring sports offered.

The Big Sky track and field, Hellgate tennis, Sentinel softball, Loyola golf and Valley Christian tennis teams could dazzle this season.

So naturally, the question that begs to be answered is: Which spring sport is most appealing to the fans?

At first I was inclined to say track and field, as I competed in track for all four years of high school. But, while the competition is exciting for the athletes competing, to a casual fan there's just too much down time between events to drum up a constant adrenaline rush.

Golf is in the same boat: great sport to play, terribly boring sport to watch.

How about softball? The main factor against softball is big brother baseball. The two sports are too similar to one another, which ends up hurting overall attendance numbers for both activities.

Which leaves tennis, which again is one of the most enjoyable sports to dabble in. But, unlike the previous three choices, a back-and-forth tennis match keeps the spectators on the edge of their seats throughout. Add in the fact that momentum can swing so quickly in a given match, and I think we've found a winner.