Jakers Restaurant was the latest business to bite the dust in Missoula less than a few weeks ago.


Business closures have been a bleeping epidemic in the last two years in Missoula. Specifically, the restaurant business has been hit the hardest.

  • Second Set Bistro
  • Denny's
  • HuHot
  • The Empanada Joint
  • Burns Street Bistro
  • Firehouse Subs
  • Brooklyn Bagel
  • Catalyst Cafe and Espresso
  • Subway (Broadway)
  • Hoagieville (Reserve)

It makes you sad, doesn't it? Just like any melancholy moment in your life, you have to accept it and move on. Let's do that by looking at ideas to replace Jakers on Brooks.

According to Jakers website, they have something in the works already.

Credit: Jakers.com
Credit: Jakers.com

An individual on the social media site Reddit (u/Olivareswps) asked the Missoula SubReddit page "What should go in the Jakers building?" Here were some intriguing responses.

"I think a combination knitting/trout/donut shop would be spectacular"
- u/GuaranteeAfradi5952

The knitting/trout/donut shop idea (which, if we're being honest, I'm not sure what they mean. A place to knit that offers trout and donuts? A place to knit that offers a trout fishing location and donuts?) was added on to by a different user who suggested...

"Add coffee and you have a winner! The fishing portion needs to have a largish river-style aquarium with native fish or just popular game fish."
- u/SpiderOnDaWall

"Well we could really used another bank, brewery, casino or pot shop"

"We need a Korean BBQ"

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"The combo of red lobster and olive garden was discussed recently. Not a horrible idea, i think."


"Pretty please with sugar on top, Indian food."

"Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant, or PF Changs Chinese Restaurant, or a Trader Joe's"

"I'd love a good, high quality French or Spanish restaurant"
-[This person's name is inappropriate, and I would definitely get fired for typing it out]

That's what Missoula's SubReddit page conjured up. What's your idea to replace Jakers? I'll ask everyone this question again in a month when the next business in town closes, he said with his tongue in his cheek.

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