Right now this is a really good question and of course one that can be debated. What is our most trusted news source here in Montana?

Highspeedinternet.com has some great facts and maps to look at for state wide data. This topic is perfect for the news crazy world: What is each state's most trusted news site? When it comes to Montana and trusted news sites this surprised me, since the most trusted news site for us is considered more of a satire site.

Montana's number one news site is Daily.mail.uk. This is what they say about the Daily Mail: The Daily Mail is a British tabloid that’s been serving up news with a sensationalist twist over the last century. Its political alignment is conservative in Britain, but US coverage may be more bipartisan. For instance, Melania Trump recently sued the publication for insinuating she once worked as an escort.

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Photo map courtesy of https://www.highspeedinternet.com/

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