Have you heard of the hashtag #CakeItForward yet?

If you have, then you're probably already familiar with Missoula Cakes, a cake shop launched by Missoula chef Jeremy Sher during the pandemic.

But if you haven't, I'll explain it to you!

What is #CakeItForward?

As the pandemic went on in the early days of 2020, Jeremy Sher was a Missoulian who coped with the isolation by baking cakes - and at first, he was baking them and distributing them amongst his friends. Eventually, all of his friends and family got cakes... so he expanded his circle a bit and started offering up cakes on Facebook.

And that pretty much steamrolled into a new business, where people would pay Sher to bake cakes and make a surprise delivery to someone in town. As the idea took off, Sher started to call it #CakeItForward. KPAX has a great profile from December of last year that dives into a little more detail on Sher's journey and what he's doing with Missoula Cakes.

What Kind of Cakes Are We Talking About Here?

These aren't just your average chocolate or vanilla cakes that you can make for cheap. These are specialty, beautiful-looking cakes with flavors like Huckleberry Dreamsicle and Pumpkin Chiffon Cheesecake, which will run you between $65 and $75. With Christmas approaching, maybe the perfect gift you can give someone in Missoula is a surprise gourmet cake?

This is a pretty awesome thing that Sher has been doing, and we're excited to see #CakeItForward grow even more and as move into 2022. You can check out their website right here to see everything they've been up to.

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