Folks in western Montana are experiencing Seattle-like rainfall in what has become a record breaking wet October. Hydrologist Ray Nickless from the National Weather Service explains,

"Especially up in Northwest Montana," said Nickless. "Kalispell just set an all time record. That office has been going, as far as recording precipitation, since 1897. We just broke a record here yesterday where we exceeded the 3.4 inches for the month of October."

Nickless says nearly a foot of rain fell near Hungry Horse Dam.

"We have a precipitation gauge up there and they are now up to 10.39 inches for the month of October and they broke their old mark which was around 7.3 inches," Nickless said. "You can see Hungry Horse is already approaching like a foot of rain for the month of October."

Down in Missoula, Nickless says that records here go back to around 1897 and that this October ranks among the top ten wettest.