The Montana Fish & Wildlife Commission recently approved almost $250,000 in funding for ten projects that will improve Montana fisheries. Information and Education Program Manager Vivaca Crowser explains.

“Here in Western Montana we are going to benefit from about $55,000 worth of fisheries improvement projects,” said Crowser. “That is tied to the state wide Feature Fisheries Improvement Program grants that are awarded twice each year. So we get summer awards and winter awards and this is our summer time allotment approved by the Fish and Wildlife Commission a few weeks ago.”

Croswer says there are four specific projects in Western Montana that will benefit from this new funding.

“In Rattlesnake Creeks and Shanley Creeks crews will use some of the grant money to install fish screens that will help keep trout out of the irrigation diversions in those areas,” Crowser said. “Also, 10-year renewal of an instream flow lease on Wasson Creek which is a tributary to Nevada Spring Creek in Powell County.”

Any individual or group with a project designed to restore or enhance fish habitat may apply for FFIP funding. Applications for the winter-cycle grants are due by December 1, 2016.

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