This morning fire officials decided to change the fire danger level from extreme to very high. Director of Emergency management Adriane Beck says just because the weather helped fire danger levels doesn’t mean people should not continue to be cautious with outdoor activity.

"It's a testament to what a little bit of rain can do, but we need to acknowledge that it is just a little bit of rain and a lot more is needed to substantially change our outcome," Beck said.  "We still do have stage I restrictions in the Missoula area. So all those restrictions and all those activities that were previously in place continue to be in place because the area is still very dry and this rain will help this situation but only for a little bit."

So what does this mean for previous talk about stage II restrictions?

"We will always have that on our back burner as an option," Beck said. "As the conditions continue to change, we will continually evaluate that as the season continues. We are still seeing very dry conditions out there and while the rain is very helpful and we are very appreciative of it. It still puts us in a condition where we can still see stage II restrictions in the future."

Beck says that if July weather conditions remain high, extreme fire levels will be put back into effect.

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