On Thursday, Missoula County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Alex Apostle informed staff, students and parents of Washington Middle School of his decision to formally appoint Craig Henkel as Principal of Washington Middle School and Kacie Laslovich as Assistant Principal at Washington. 

Henkel and Laslovich were hired as Interim Principal and Interim Assistant Principal respectively in the summer 2014. In the past six months both leaders have made a mark on the school and their leadership is strongly supporting the school into the future.

“Craig and Kacie received resounding support from teachers as well as parents of Washington Middle School. They are great examples of leadership in our District,” noted Heather Davis Schmidt, Executive Regional Director. “Craig and Kacie will be reaching out to WMS staff and families about hopes and dreams for Washington Middle School as they support Washington Middle School on the path to continued achievement.”

Henkel started as a 4th grade teacher in MCPS in 1980 and spent most of his teaching time as a 6th grade teacher at Meadow Hill Middle School. He was the Assistant Principal at Porter Middle School for 6 years and an Assistant Principal at Washington Middle School for 7 years before accepting the opportunity to lead at Washington. Laslovich started with the District as an elementary teacher at Lowell and worked as a 6th grade teacher at Meadow Hill Middle School for the past four years, consistently supporting that school with her leadership.

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