The Missoula City Council, Mountain Line and ASUM have partnered in an effort called ‘Warming Solutions’ to help homeless people keep warm until the new Salvation Army Warming Center opens each night.

Missoula City Council President Bryan von Lossberg explained why the extra help is needed as another cold snap descends on the Missoula area.

“There’s a gap in time, particularly in the evenings where the Salvation Army warming shelter doesn’t open till 10:00 p.m.,” said von Lossberg. “Obviously, there are some cold periods out there before that time, and as some of our citizens have pointed out, that opening time comes after bus service ends.”

Von Lossberg provides details of how these organizations will help keep people safe until the center opens.

“Basically, the Mountain Line transfer center is going to stay open till 10:00 p.m. as a warming area, and then there is going to be bus service after the regular service ends to get folks who need to get over from the transit center to the Salvation Army over there.”

The service begins Thursday evening and will continue while weather conditions warrant.

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