What a great story with a happy ending right here in Montana!  If you've ever lost a pet you know how it can leave you feeling empty and doing everything you can to bring your extended family member back home.

A couple from Washington had visited Kalispell earlier in the summer.  During one July night their dog was scared by a thunderstorm and escaped the hotel room the couple were staying in.

Carole and Vern King put up nearly 600 flyers looking for Katie, their lost border collie.  They spent days searching farms and fields.  Carole even QUIT HER JOB to stay in Kalispell and focus on the search.


It was a long 57 days but the search paid off.  After a phone call last weekend where somebody spotted Katie - the couple and their dog have been reunited.

A pretty amazing end to the story.

I have to admit......I would have given up hope long before 57 days.  And now I feel bad for my cat that never came home in 2002.  Perhaps with another 45 days of searching, and 550 more posters, the outcome would have been a different story.

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