Missoula voters will be looking at more ballots than normal this year when they participate in the ongoing primary election, Missoula County Election Coordinator Dayna Causby explains.

"When I go to open mine, when the next voter beside me goes to open theirs, they will see three different ballots in there," Causby said. "Those three ballots are for the Republican, Democrat and the Green Party. What voters really need to know the most is that they only vote one of those three ballots."

If voters fill out more than one ballot, all those ballots will be rejected, so it’s vitally important for voters to follow the rules.

"Pick out the two that you are not going to vote, fold them up, put them in that white envelope that says unvoted ballot and leave that one that they do want to vote out on their table, mark it, put it in the blue secrecy envelope, put it in their affirmation envelope, make sure to sign it and put it in the mail," Causby said.

Each of this year’s ballots are about a dime more expensive than most primaries, Causby says each extra ballot costs about nine to ten cents to produce.

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