It feels like this is the summer of businesses moving around town. There's been too much action to recap in this article, so you can catch up on all the movement in this article about all the shuffling. 

Now there's a new business to add to the list. Computer Guys Inc. is the latest biz on the move. The new location, according to their website is, 1724 Fairview Ave, Missoula, Montana 59801.

Their new home is located near Southgate Mall just off of Brooks. In fact, it's immediately across Garfield St. from Southgate's large parking lot. It's a touch north of the Missoula Nissan dealership, as well. The move doesn't bring them very far. The old location was on South Avenue, less than a mile away.

What can Computer Guys Inc. do for you?

Are you a tech-savvy individual? No? Well, then that's where Computer Guys comes in. A local computer service and repair shop that provides all sorts of repairs. Hard drive repairs, printers, laptops, network, data transfers, etc.

I wish I would have seen this about six months ago. My laptop wasn't charging so I brought it into a store, that I will not be naming, thinking it was my charger. The guy ostensibly assured me it was not the charger, so we sent my laptop to some random repairman just to find out...


Elisa Ventur, Unsplash
Cred: Elisa Ventur, Unsplash

I mean come on... really? Computer Guys could have told me it was a broken charger the day of.

Anyways, happy moving.

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