On Friday, the Missoula County Public Schools board of trustees adopted a new budget for the upcoming school year. 

"The trustees unanimously approved both the elementary district budget and the secondary district budget," MCPS's Hatton Littman said. "So remember, in MCPS we are a unified K-12 district, but we do still have separate budgets for our elementary and our middle schools. That makes up our K-8 district, our elementary district, and then, we have a separate budget for our high school district."

Littman said the final budget for the elementary district is over $48 million. The high school district’s final budget comes in at over $39 million. In other news, a new trustee was appointed last week as well.

"We have one trustee seat that was vacated by Lisa Triepke, and that's the trustee seat that represents Bonner and Target Range School Districts," Littman said. "That position was appointed [Friday] night. There were two candidates that applied: Shawn Skinner and Korbin Bragstad. The trustees appointed Korbin Bragstad for the remainder of that term."

Littman said Bragstad will still have to run at the end of the term if he wishes to serve another term.

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