The University of Montana has been receiving reports over the past few days regarding a man who allegedly touched two women inappropriately in their dorm rooms.

Vice President for Integrated Communications Peggy Kuhr explained how the incidents occurred:

"There were at least two reports in which an unidentified man met with two women in separate incidents and had ended up going with them to their dorm rooms and then touched them inappropriately," Kuhr said. "When it became apparent that this might be the same person, and that there might possibly be a pattern, we felt it was very important to let the campus community know what we knew at the time."

Kuhr described what university officials call a '"timely warning."

"When we believe that something might be happening that the campus community needs to know that would involve personal safety, we have a way of letting the campus know about it called a timely warning," Kuhr said. "These days, we use text message alerts, and that's followed up by an email to anyone who may be a student or an employee. The email was sent out to everyone on campus with a few more details just to make sure everybody knew."

University police have a description of the suspect and are conducting an investigation of the incidents.

Below, find the email message sent out to the campus:

"The University has recently received two reports about a man meeting women students in the UC, engaging in conversation, walking the student to her residence hall, entering her room, and inappropriately touching her in her room. All students are advised to be on alert for these circumstances and behaviors.  Griz Personal Safety (GPS) is available to walk students at night. Call GPS at 406.243.2777. Students are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to the Office of Public Safety @ 406.243.4000.""

University of Montana Vice President for Integrated Communications Peggy Kuhr

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