It's been one of the most heated controversies in Missoula over the past few years, where the new Missoula College should be located. UM officials have steadfastly maintained that the South Campus, the current location of the UM Golf Course, was the sole choice. Not anymore. University of Montana Vice President for Integrated Communications Peggy Kuhr said on Thursday, that a second location is now under consideration.

"The university will also be considering a location that is directly across the Clark Fork river from the main mountain campus along East Broadway," Kuhr said. "We do have about seven acres of land that could be a viable location, although we don't know yet, for the new Missoula College building."

The current use of the plot of land is that of a parking lot.

"Some of that land is being used right now for a park and ride, and then just to the west of that is our Montana Technology Enterprise Center, so we already have our Mon Tec building there," Kuhr said. "In fact, some of our Missoula College students are using the facility as a wet-lab, because we don't have that at our current location."

The Montana legislature appropriated $29 million dollars for fund a new Missoula College building, with a required match of $3 million dollars. Governor Steve Bullock signed the bill to move construction forward on May 6. Since that time, Clayton Christian, the Commissioner of Higher Education and the university have discussed the siting of the Missoula College.

Kuhr said the community discussions will continue as to the location of the new college.

University of Montana Vice President for Integrated Communications Peggy Kuhr