Emergency vehicles were called out to the Missoula International Airport on Wednesday morning, March 13, to respond to an aircraft that was having technical difficulties.

Deputy director of the airport, Brian Ellisted, said the United Airlines flight 5535 from Denver called in to the Missoula tower and said they were experiencing some maintenance issues. Ellisted said the agencies involved in the response included the Missoula County Sheriff's Department, Missoula City Fire, Missoula Rural Fire, Frenchtown Fire, and Missoula Emergency Services.

Ellisted said the plane landed safely and without incident.

Missoula County Sheriff's Department spokesman Jason Johnson said this type of response occurs nine to 10 times per year. The crews train regularly to respond to any kind of emergency at the airport.

Ellisted expressed his thanks to all the responders.

Brian Ellisted, Deputy Director of the Missoula International Airport