One of the reasons M2Green Redevlopment acquired the former Smurfit-Stone millsite in Frenchtown was the portfolio of 54 different water rights on the over 3,000 acres of business and industrial property.

Ray Stillwell, CEO of M2Green has announced that the company has contracted with a local water marketing firm, Lotic, LLC with a focus on water marketing communications.

Ray Stillwell of M2Green Redevelopment

Chris Corbin, owner of Lotic, says "Frenchtown Technology & Industrial Center holds the largest industrial water rights portfolio in the Middle Clark Fork Basin by over fourfold. As such, they are well positioned to meet future industrial demands in this market.”

Corbin says he does not believe the current controversy over water rights claimed by the Salish and Kootenai Tribes will affect the rights on the lower Clark Fork controlled by M2Green Redevelopment.

Chris Corbin of Lotic, LLC

Since purchasing the site, M2Green Redevelopment has experienced interest from numerous prospects in various industries and technologies. Most recently, the company agreed to the sale of approximately 168 acres of land to Frenchtown businessman and rancher, Dick Lucier for the expansion of his ranching operation.